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Spectacular lighting for meat display cases.

The right lighting makes for a remarkably more appealing merchandising display which catches even the most critical eye of a any consumer.

Today's shoppers carefully select their meats based on cut and freshness. How does a customer judge fresness? By the color of the meat. If a steak is brown or light pink the shopper will choose another cut that is tender and cherry red.

Many shopppers by-pass the packaged meat selection at the front of the display case and go right for the items at the back. Why? Because even on some subconscious level, consumers understand that the ambient light and heat at the store level is affecting the quality of the meat.

They know that the temperature of the case is cooler at the back and they can see a difference in the meats on display up front versus those stocked towards the back of the case.

Discover how color influences a shoppers behaviour

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When a premium cut of meat is graded and priced, it is done according to its color and marbling. Get the most value for your quality selection. Reward shoppers with color, flavor, moisture and let your display tease their tastebuds.

Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Fresh meat products are often a retailer's highest cost, highest loss and greatest profit margin category...

Superior Lighting
Fresh meat cuts appear substantially more appealing to discerning customers...
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps

Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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