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Improve Appearance, Freshness and Shelf Life

Fresh beef, chicken, lamb all look substantially more appetizing as the products natural colors are showcased under Promolux. To discerning shoppers, the items on display are vibrant, moist and mouth-watering.

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For organic meat selections, the use of a low radiation lamp will keep these products fresher, longer reducing tanning, purging and weepage (loss of moisture and juices) and loss of flavour.

With a growing amount of linear feet being given to non-fresh meat cases there is even more pressure to make the most of the space dedicated to the fresh meat case. Shoppers are always looking for top quality and value items in the meat department. The most popular meat products found in grocery stores across North America include bonelss strip steak, boneless rib eye steak and boneless chuck roast.

Trends in Grocery Meat Departments

In a recent survey by Texas Tech University Audit Team who surveyed 124 grocery stores, 9 club stores in 31 states over 51 markets found that shoppers are the driving force behind increased value added products and services. Many of new trends in the meat department include nutritional labelling, cooking instructions and a greater selection of "natural" or "organic" fresh meat products.

As stores' fight for shopper loyalty and business, the one thing that remains constant, is the retailers ability to show value to the shopper in their product offerings. And freshness is high on every shoppers list.

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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps

Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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