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cartoon meat case lightingCapitalize on more sales and prevent daily discards with Promolux balanced spectrum low radiation lighting.

A simple change of the fluorescent lamps in your meat cases (or overhead lighting fixtures) will have such a profound effect on your displays that within a few months they will have paid for themselves!

Distinguishing Between Prime & Choice

Meat grading facilities use Promolux lamps on their grading floor to properly illuminate the carcass so that they can assess the right color and age of the carcass.

The difference in being able to identify prime or choice can translate into hundreds of dollars.

For meat departments and independent meat shops the shelf life of meat is often two to three days under regular lamps. If a retailer is unable to sell the product within that time period, the appearance, freshness and moisture of that item will have changed so much that the item is no longer saleable.

Butchers and meat shops that use Promolux balanced spectrum low radiation lamps in their meat displays enjoy product that stays fresher and lasts up to 100% longer! In addition, the marbling of the meats look better and the various cuts retain their natural juices and flavor for greater customer satisfaction.

Lighting Services Available World-Wide

Promolux Lighting is an international company with offices in Canada, Barcelona and a network of Promolux suppliers and sales staff world-wide.

  • If you are looking to try Promolux in your cases give us a call.

  • If you need a supplier that can provide you with a re-lamping service call us.

  • If you are experiencing product shrink and excess spoilage at a faster rate than normal - call us!

We have the industry experience to guide you on how best to illuminate your meat cases without sacrificing color or freshness.

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Call us and instantly speak to your area's sales manager. Call toll free in North America at 1.800.519.1222 or at 1.250.743.1222 International.

Our Team Speaks Spanish and German and a little French.

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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps

Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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