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A Meat Display Case Should Entice Shoppers
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And retailers should utilize Balanced Spectrum lighting which will give them the deep reds, white marbling and rosy pink colors that instantly draw shoppers to their store/department!

A great selection with top quality meat items is a crucial draw for any meat shop looking to win shopper loyalty in a highly competitive market.

While common shelf items are available at a wide variety of grocery stores, a meat departments selection and quality will often distinguish the store from its competitors and affect whether or not a given customer will buy those items.

Merchandising Meat Departments - Showcase Texture & Freshness

Stores specializing in the sale of meat products rely entirely on their ability to sell meat sales and minimize product loss for their success. It is essential for grocery store managers, butchers shop owners and deli meat markets to take every precaution against premature spoilage, product shrinkage, and unflattering presentation in their meat departments.

Promolux is one tool that supports the merchandising and business efforts of independent retailers and large chains. Food retailers use Promolux because it adds value to their store or department.

  • Promolux helps keep foods fresh
  • Promolux protects foods while on display
  • Promolux helps boost sales
turning inventory at faster rates which keeps profit margins high.

How Do Shoppers Evaluate Freshness?

Shoppers evaluate a meats freshness based on color, texture and smell. When a meat item is packaged, the color and appearance of the item becomes even more important since the shopper cannot evaluate the product except by sight.

For fresh meat products the evaluation process begins with the appearance of an item. How is its color? Does it look tender and moist? Or dry and tough? Does it smell okay? Or does it smell a little off?

If the meat item being judged is worth fifteen dollars and it sits on display for a few days, what is the true cost to the retailer? At the end of the second day , does it still look fresh and appealing or does it have to be discounted, chopped up and seasoned and put out under a different sku as another category item or simply thrown out?

Any of these scenarios represent a significant cost to the retailer and cuts into the overall profitability of the store.

Promolux lamps are merchandising lights that filter over 86% of radiation and provides color presentation that is unmatched for maximum shopper appeal.

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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps

Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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