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The Adverse Effects of Traditional Fluorescents on Meat Products

A known phenomenon affecting retail meat showcases is the surface heating, discoloration and premature spoilage that results from traditional display case lighting.

Display equipment for meat cases is often refrigerated with the goal to keep meat products cool. However, there are many other variables that can impact the temperature and performance of display equipment, including lighting.

Lamps inside the case along with store lighting can produce ambient heat and cause fluctuations in temperature within the case. The ability of the showcase is then impacted and the refrigeration system must work harder to keep products cool.

Fresh meat products on display will quickly show signs of being exposed to varying levels of heat and light. In addition, these variances in temperature will encourage bacteria growth, creating a liability for store owners and posing a health risk to shoppers.

Regular case lighting may be adequate enough for illuminating the case but it is often at the sacrifice of color, freshness and integrity of the meat products on display.

Hundreds of dollars worth of beef, chicken, pork, lamb is exposed to the glare and heat of six lamps up to 8-12+ hours a day for one or two days.
That's why it's so important to use a low radiation lamp like Promolux.

Original Equipment Manufacturers Choose Promolux

Display equipment manufacturers (OEM's) work hard to build custom display equipment that for their customers. Future orders and their reputation hinges on the performance of their cases.

Even more, their customers satisfaction hinges on the cases ability to keep perishable items like meat looking fresh and appealing for as long as possible. That's why many original equipment manufacturers install Promolux lamps in their cases.

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Many Oem's include Promolux lamps in the manufacturing process of their display equipment since it adds value and benefits their customers in many ways.

  • Promolux uses rare earth phosphors, which provides a balanced spectrum (all the colors of the spectrum are equally represented) making it ideal for merchandising displays.

  • Promolux is a low radiation lamp and therefor promotes longer shelf life and greater product integrity.

  • The life hours of Promolux lamps are above the industry standard so retailers can enjoy the daily cost savings and color performance Promolux offers for many years.

Supermarkets or independent shops who are looking to order new commercial display equipment can specify to have Promolux lamps installed in their cases at the factory level. Ther are many OEM's who offer their clients the option to specify the lighting to be included in the customization their cases.

For fresh food and perishable display cases ALWAYS specify Promolux.

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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps

Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
Superior lighting with Promolux Lamps
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